Volk TE37 | Volk Racing TE37 – Top Range Japanese Rim

The Volk TE37 wheel by RAYS Engineering is considered as a superior quality wheel that is light in weight yet exudes unparalleled sophistication that captured the hearts of millions of car owners all over the globe. The wheel gained popularity in Malaysia due to the increasing preference of car owners for the distinct style and quality it has to offer.

What makes the Volk Racing TE37 different?

Volk Racing TE37 Rims

There is no doubt that the six-spoke and single-piece forged rim enticed a lot of car enthusiasts. Due to its timeless design as well as the capability to endure the elements and the test of time, Volk TE37 design is definitely the best choice among similar Japanese wheels offered in the market. Malaysian car owners who are eager to install this superior quality wheel can easily find one online or even in the local stores.

Volk TE37 was released by RAYS Engineering in the market back in 1996 with the main objective of manufacturing wheels ideally for motorsports and other street applications. The TE basically stands for Touring Evolution, thus emphasizing on the connection with the world of racing. As a result, RAYS Engineering carried out improvements throughout the years with this wheel.

Made from highest quality material, ultra-light weight and superior rigidity are two chief features of the Volk TE37. With the six-spoke design of the wheel, it provides the ideal distribution of stress throughout the interior and exterior circumference while at the same time proficiently enduring the wear and tear conditions in racing.

The Best Choice – Volk TE37 Style

At one point, RAYS Engineering utilized a new approach for making Volk TE37 with a matte bronze finishing. With this approach, it no longer required any paint in order to maintain the minimum weight of the rims.

You also get to choose from a selection of colours such as standard black, gold, bronze (BR), white (WH) and titanium silver (SL). Even the varieties that have a satin finishing became distinguishable characteristics of the wheel in the market.

Volk TE37 was specifically built for various kinds of applications, not just for the racing cars. The convex versions are ideal for the smaller car models while the big PCD varieties can be installed on 4 x 4 vehicles.

Additionally, it can also be used on high-end car models such as Ferrari and Porsche. All you’ll need is a set of titanium lugnuts and you’re good to go. This is the reason why many car owners in Malaysia prefer the Volk TE37 wheels for their vehicles.

The Creation Of Volk TE37

Manufactured by RAYS Engineering, Volk TE37 is one of the superior, stylish and lightest wheels available in the market today. These wheels are made out of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium under highly intense forging techniques.

The initial forging process is performed under the pressure of 5,000 kg per square centimeter. This is followed by the second forging process which is relatively slower with 3,500 kg per square centimeter.

With the help of the forging process, the wheels have less material unlike in other wheels yet boasts better strength and durability. The excess material in the wheel is basically machined off in order to guarantee superior quality finish.

Both the clear and powder coating are carried out by an exclusive procedure to ensure durability and a lasting quality for years to come. The durability, quality and the lightness of the Volk TE37 rims makes it the desirable wheel among car enthusiasts that is well-worth the cost.

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