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Vossen Wheels Now Available In Malaysia

Vossen CV3 CV5

Searching for Vossen wheels for sale in Malaysia? If you are, you’ve came to the right place.

We are authorised Vossen distributor in Malaysia and we carry popular sport rim models such as the CV3 and CV5 series and the new Precision Series range.

Our workshops are located in Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and Klang.

For a great deal on Vossen car sport rims, click the link below to contact us and our wheel specialist will arrange for a free rim fitting at one of our workshops.

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Vossen Wheel Fitting For Our Klang Valley Customers

The following are some wheel fittings we did for our customers at our shop using sport rims from Vossen.

If you would like to get a price quotation for Vossen deep concave rims for your car, contact us by filling the form located on the right section.

For outstation enquiries such as Penang, Johor Bahru, Sabah, Sarawak etc, get in touch with us also. We can deliver the rims via courier service right to your doorstep.

Choosing The Perfect Rim For Your Car

There’s 3 things you need to be aware off before you spend your hard earned money.

Getting the best deals for your car rims or wheels is most definitely something that Malaysian car owners look for before closing any deals. Most car rims and wheels require your utmost attentions as they are considered to be high expenses.

However, if you find the best type of car rims in the market, you will never worry about all the complicated maintenance procedures that you and other car owners are used to doing.

Among the several rim brands that you will come across during your search, Vossen wheels have been named one of the best and most reliable after market car rims that you can find available at auto shops and online. If you can find the perfect Vossen rim for sale, you can be sure that you will never look for any other car rim brands again.

What you should look for when buying Vossen wheels?

Firstly, you’ll need to do some shopping to locate Vossen rims offer in the market. Price from one rim supplier to another can vary considerably. A tayar shop in Bandar Sunway may quote you one price on the Vossen rim, and another shop in Klang or Shah Alam may quote you a lower price even through it is the same model.

Why is this? The answer is quite simple, it’s business concept!

One shop owner would hold on to his inventory if he knows he can generate a higher profit on the sale. Another shop owner would rather roll his capital rather than keeping the rims on the display shelves. So shop around to find the best offer.

3 Factors While Shopping For Rims

And now that you know the brand that you should look for, it is definitely time for you to take other factors into consideration.

1) Finding the perfect fit

Almost every type of wheel that you will find in the market are made specifically for certain type of cars. This is an important aspect that you should definitely look into.

Vossen rims come in different styles and makes that will suit your car. Remember that finding that perfect fit will ensure that maximum car performance that you have been looking for in your luxury sports car. The way to know the rims will fit is to determine the Pitch Center Diameter (PCD). The PCD bolt pattern for Vossen wheel ranges are 5×120 | 5×112 | 5×114.3 | 5×115 | 5×130 | 5×108.

The following are the PCD of some cars in Malaysia:

  • BMW 3, 5, and 7 Series have PCD of 5×120
  • Mercedes Benz 600SL, AMG SLK, A Class, Vito and Audi A4 have PCD of 5×112
  • Honda Civic Type-R and Accord 2.3 Type-R have a PCD of 5×114
  • Mitsubishi Sigma, Nissan Serena and  Toyota Camry are 5×114.3

2) Look for packages

You will most likely find rims online that are sold separately. If you opt for such purchases, you will end up paying for more that you should.

Individually sold rims are perfect if you are just planning to replace one or two rims, but if you are looking are having all four wheels dressed up, then it is wiser to find rim or wheel packages.

There are packages of Vossen for sale available for smart buyers and car owners like you. Choosing to go this route will ensure that you will save a lot of money.

3) A look that matches

Before running to the nearest auto part store or making that online purchase, it would be best to study the different designs of Vossen for sale that you will find in the market. This way, you will be able to choose the style and make that will complement the look of your car.

If you are looking for a black and a sportier look, try the VVSC7 that features a graphite matte finish with a machined face and ring. The low pressure method used to cast this Vossen rim has created a more compact and tougher product, which is perfect for heavy duty and fast driving.

If you find the perfect Vossen offer, whether online or in-store, you can be sure that you and your car are in for a ride of your lifetime – each and every time. The rims are not that difficult to maintain and at the same time will guarantee you many years of extreme driving.

Which Vossen Wheels Will Fit On Your Car?

Do you want to know which rim from Vossen will fit nicely on your car?

If you do, send us an enquiry by clicking on the link below and our wheel specialist will get in touch with you via Whatsapp and recommend the perfect rim for your car.

==> Click here for enquiry!

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